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Entrepots Pottery is a ceramics STUDIO in the Périgord, France since 2008. The studio was previously located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands from 1982 onwards.

All the work is high fired STONEWARE and PORCELAIN. Some larger vessels, plates and bowls are meant for interior decorating purposes, the main part of the production, however, is functional pottery.

Style and tone are derived from the classical themes of the Far East: celadon glazes are used, often in combination with underglaze painted decorations. Chinese and Japanese traditions are much respected in my work, inspired by masters like Hamada and Bernard Leach.

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You are invited to visit the PHOTOGALLERY, to get aquainted with the latest work!


Warmond, NL , exposition in De Klomp Gallery

30/12/2018 16:17
During December 2018 and January 2019, some selected pieces are on sale in this tiny gallery in...

Pottery markets 2019

30/12/2018 16:11
In June I will participate in an art exposition in Daglan In July 2019 my work will be on display...


08/09/2016 00:00
    Quite a number of commissions have come my way. If you are patient enough, I should...


09/08/2015 16:37
Porcelain mortars and pestles are on sale in this romantic spice shop on the square of Degagnac, a...

on sale in Den Haag

09/08/2015 00:00
Some of my porcelain is on sale in the Frederikstraat 31 in Den Haag, at Edith Asselbergs...