New work 2015

pitchers, Nuka (ash) glaze

Two bowls (NUKA and Copper Red) and celadon plate

Two teapots with the kangaroo pouch dripcatcher and porcelain teacup

Espresso cups, celadon on porcelain

Large Nuka glazed bowl (diam. 32 cm)

Pale green celadon bowl diam 22 cm


Nuka glazed serving dish, diam 39 cm


Teabox, porcelain with celadon glaze

Teaboxes and teacup, porcelain and celadon glazes

coffeecups, porcelain, celadon glaze

serving dish, stoneware, diam. 28 cm

serving dish, stoneware, diam 26 cm

teaboxes, stoneware, 10x12 cm

mortar and pestle, porcelain, ashwood, 13x14 cm